Long Oil Alkyd 2095



                                     Long Oil , air drying alkyd resin based on soya fatty acid.


                   Properties and use

                                    Very good brushability , excellent flow , very rapid set 

                                    and through-drying. very good weather resistance and              

                                    filling power,good gloss and colour retention    

                                    Universal blinder for wood and metal finishes


                  Form of supply

                             70% in white spirit



                                    Solid Content                       70 ± 1%  

                                    Acid value                            Max 12

                                    Viscosity gardner 25°c          (50%) 12 –16 sec




                            White spirit                            Compelete

                                   Xylene                                   Compelete

                                   M.E.K                                    Compelete

                                   Butyl acetate                          Compelete                 








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