Short Oil drying Alkyd 3072  10x


                                    Short Oil , Non drying alkyd resin.

                                     Type of oil: Soya fatty acid

                   Properties and use

                                  Very fast drying yellowing resistance,

                                  Good adhesion on steel

                          Recommended for :

                                   1) Fast drying industrial topacoats.

                                   2) Fast drying corrosion resistant primer.

                                   3) General purpose stoving enamels.                     

                  Form of supply

                            55% in xylene


                                    Solid Content                       55 ± 1% 

                                   Acid value                            20 - 25

                                   Viscosity gardner 25            180 – 230 sec




                           Xylene                                  Soluble

                                  Toluene                                 Soluble

                                  Butanol                                 Soluble

                       M.E.K                                   Soluble                                                           

      Aceton                                  Soluble                                                           

                                  Ethanol                                 Not Soluble                  


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