Non drying Alkyd 4072 10x


                                    Short Oil , Non drying alkyd resin.

                                     Type of oil: Coconut fatty acid

                   Properties and use

                                   Excellent build , colour retentiion and gloss.

                                   Excellent yellowing resistance with amino resin

                                   for stoving primersand finishes in vehicle industy.



                  Form of supply

                            60% in xylene



                                    Solid Content                       60 ± 1% 

                                   Acid value                            Max 12

                                   Viscosity gardner 25            50 – 70 sec




                            Xylene                                  Soluble

                                   Toluene                                 Soluble

                                   Aceton                                  Soluble

                                   Ethanol                                 Not Soluble                  


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